Theaterbrief aus Großbritannien (3) - Das vom "German theatre" inspirierte Experiment "Secret Theatre" des Lyric Hammersmith London

Avantgarde food for a starving audience

by Andrew Haydon

26 March 2014. In May 2012 Sebastian Nübling's collaborative production of Simon Stephens's Three Kingdoms landed in London. The effect felt like a massive explosion within British theatre. The mainstream, and broadsheet critics, either hated it ("You'd have to be debauched beyond redemption in order to conclude that you were actually enjoying the spectacle while it happened" – Michael Coveney, or politely dismissed it ("It's an unsettling piece that pulses with menace and demented humour yet slips at times into self-indulgence." – Henry Hitchings, Evening Standard). The Guardian's Michael Billington tried to bury it ("The plot is made harder to follow by Nübling's grossly self-advertising production, in which everything is overstated and overheated... his production is always trying to tell us how idiosyncratically clever it is.").